What is Flash Fiction?
Flash is a form of writing with an extremely abbreviated word count, from the six word story (the most famous of which is “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”) up to 1,000 words. The idea is to tell a full story despite the limited word count.

Why am I writing it?
Writing, like any other skill, requires practice and working with an unusual word count and on a different story, every week seems like a good way to hone my skills as a writer. To that end, I’ll be attempting to write a new, tiny story every week. It (probably) won’t be my best work, but it will provide a good way to practice and cultivate the discipline necessary for success.

  • Valkyrie 1-1
    300 Despite the harness holding him in place, the man rocked with every pocket of turbulence and the rattle from the equipment strapped to him was loud enough to pierce the thick respirator that covered his face. Once again he reached up to scratch at the itch under his eye,Read More →