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The Wakewalkers

A Dark Fantasy Series

Rebellion always comes at a price.

Black and white hold no meaning in a world coming apart at the seams. There are only the strong, and the dead.


A Sci-Fi Comic

Survival is a losing game.

Devastated by blight and overrun with warlords and fanatics, one pilot sticks to the edges of society until she finds herself drawn into a conflict with a promise made by her peace-loving war machine.

The 5th Horseman

A WWI Tale of Survival

When a plague doctor reports to the trenches of WWI and finds themselves in a fight for their lives.

Flash Fiction Fridays

Short on Words, Long on Variety

A new story every other Friday, and all in 1,000 words or less!

PFP News

Flatline: Cry Havoc

All rewards are shipped!

All rewards are on their way, and check out the first article on how the Kickstarter went!

The Wakewalkers

Where to get your copy!

You can find The Wakewalkers series on amazon by following the link!

Into the Fyywild

Coming soon!

The Wild Hunt, greed, and the secrets of immortality collide in this campaign write-up!


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300 Despite the harness holding him in place, the man rocked with every pocket of turbulence and the rattle from the equipment strapped to him was loud enough to pierce the thick respirator that covered his face. Once again he reached up to scratch at the itch under his eye,

The Origins of Flatline

Private James Olark huddled against the rough bark of the Owlee tree, which jabbed and clawed at him despite the thick camouflage fatigues he wore. The heavy tube of the

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